mac2vendor OUI Database Lookup

News & Service announcements

Traffic statistic update (2020 Sept 23)

While there had no updates on this site for the last months the usage of the API is constantly high. While we seee a small drop when COVID19 started in February/March the traffic had been over 700TB up to July.

August: 413.12 TB, July: 756.45 TB, June: 765.02 TB, May: 792.21 TB, April: 737.75 TB, March: 216 TB, February: 303.67 TB, January: 631.01 TB.

Happy New Year - 630 terabytes! (2020 Jan 03)

Happy 2020! We're starting into the next decade with a new record-breaking 134,466,587,141 requests to the mac2vendor API - causing an insane traffic of 630 terabytes! That's nearly twice than our traffic in August 2019: 326 TB. Without the huge help of Cloudflare our cloud infrastructure would be down within seconds - thanks again @Cloudflare.

Cloudflare and 409 terabytes (2019 Oct 4)

Last month we served 113.522.362.781 requests to our mac2vendor service resulting in a traffic of more than 409 TB! That's totally crazy! Now this wouldn't be possible without the huge help from @Cloudflare - actually it's them serving this data volume and effectively pay the bill for it. THANK YOU CLOUDFLARE!

By the way, you can download the complete database so you will not be required to use our online API - and save traffic ;)

Having fun with LAA requests again (2019 Aug 6)

We're still having lots of useless, senseless, meaningless and absurd LAA requests. As they're most likely coming from ISP customer premises equipment (CPE) from Wind (Italy) and Cincinnati Bell (USA) we decided to block all traffic from AS1267 and AS6181.

If this measurement affects you or your apps please contact your ISP.

Locally Administered Addresses (2019 Jul 3)

As we receive large amounts of requests for local assigned MAC addresses (LAA) we had to modify the way we handle those requests (and maybe introduced a breaking change for your apps): while the APIv4 returned a not found code as no LAA records are included in the database we now return a found code with fake vendor "LAA" whenever the LAA bit is set.

For upcoming APIv5 we plan to introduce a specific response to distinguish LAA from UAA.

Enforcement of SSL connections (2019 Jan 31)

Starting with 1st of March 2019 all requests to website and APIv4 without SSL encryption will be redirected by a HTTP 301 response to a corresponding https:// URI.

Please update all your applications until this deadline.

In case your application is not able to encrypt traffic please don't hesitate to contact us to provide you a different solution.

Shutdown of APIv3 (2019 Jan 15)

The APIv3 has been marked as depreciated since 01/2017 and will be be finally removed by 15th Feb 2019. Calls to the v3 API will receive a HTTP 404 response.