OUI Database Lookup

Identify the vendor of your network devices! The first 48 bit of the media access control (MAC) address of your network device incorporate the vendor's unique "Organizationally Unique Identifier" (OUI). If you provide the leading 6 digits of your network devices MAC we will lookup the vendor for you, and you can even do a reverse search: wildcard search all matching vendor names.

Vendor Lookup

OUI / MAC-48 / EUI-48

mac2vendor: search the vendor of your device.

Enter the first 3 octets of the MAC address of your network equipment.

We accept almost every input format, here are some samples:

OUI Lookup


vendor2mac: search for the OUI's of a specific vendor.

The query is a wildcard search which means it might easily get over the limit of 900 results if either your query or the company's name is to unspecific.


  • Google returns results for Google
  • Nokia Siemens returns results for Nokia Siemens
  • Nokia returns results for Nokia, Nokia Siemens and all other Nokia companies
  • US gives you an error because to much vendors match (wildcard search)
  • FC:D4:F2 returns nothing because it's a MAC address and not a vendor

Trivia: did you know that Coca Cola owns 16 million unique network identifiers but Red Bull not even 1?




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