mac2vendor OUI Database Lookup

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Where is the data from?
    The OUI data is provided by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and public available. See their FAQ.

  • Do you modify the data?
    Yes. We simplify and prettify the vendor names.

  • Do you remove or add additional OUI's?

  • Is there more information about OUI's?
    Yes. See Wikipedia.

  • Can you remove me/my company from the database?
    You need to get a privately-registered assignment from the IEEE or deregister there. See their FAQ.


  • Is there an API documentation?
    Yes. See the API article.

  • Do you guarantee uptime or service levels?

  • Do you require registration?
    As of today we're granting anonymous API access. This might change without further notice.

  • Are there any request/rate limits?
    As of today there are no limits. This might change without further notice.


  • Can I download your (customized) database?
    Yes, see Downloads section.

  • Do you have exports for Cisco Prime Infrastructure (PI) or Wireless Control Systems (WLC)?
    Yes, see Downloads section.


  • Can I download the website?
    No. Maybe some day in future I'll release the source at github and provide a docker image.

  • Who are you?

  • My country's law requires you to provide specific websites owners information.
    All information the jurisdiction of my country is demanding is provided in the imprint (§25 Abs 5 MedienG).

  • Build information
    Build based on commit COMMIT at TIMESTAMP

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